Data Handling Capacity

NextGBC offers a comprehensive Training Program, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a highly competent management. Our goal is to continue on our path of becoming world-class providers of outsourced professional Medical Transcription services. By virtue of its infrastructure, recruitment process and quality training program, NextGBC possesses the ability to quickly expand our transcription volume to accommodate the requirements of new or existing customers while maintaining our high standards of accuracy and timely performance.

Distinctive Features

1-) NextGBC has a full function work pool, completely secure and redundant platform with HIPAA-compliant features. Patient information is securely stored and transmitted to ensure privacy.

2-) NextGBC works with all modes of digital dictations such as DSS, WAV, WMV, MP3, etc.

3-) NextGBC has provision of a full range of TAT from 6 to 72 hours and accuracy maintenance of 99.8% and higher.

4-) NextGBC offers document and audio file archiving for any duration of time as per the specific needs of customers.

5-) NextGBC in collaboration with its USA based business associates provides EMR compatible transcription platforms that can integrate your transcription to your EMR systems.

6-) NextGBC has an ideal state-of-the-art infrastructure that ensures timely delivery of transcribed reports to the customers. This includes power backups to include UPS and backup generator of 80 KVA, along with seamless uninterrupted internet connectivity with appropriate backups.

7-) NextGBC with its seamless uninterrupted internet connectivity and appropriate backups posses the capability to directly type into your EMR systems.

8-) NextGBC has implemented a global transcription outsourcing model providing seamless integration between our clients and transcriptionists through a proven workflow model.

9-) NextGBC offers a number of significant factors that make us an excellent choice as your next medical transcription provider. Quality, price within your budget and delivery have made us one of the leading transcription services in the USA and UK for discerning medical professionals.

EMR Compatibility

NextGBC in association with its USA based business associates is a provider of EMR compatible platforms for Medical Transcription. Your transcription can be integrated with your EMR systems, allowing your report to be imported directly into your EMR systems.

In addition, NextGBC because of its seamless and uninterrupted internet connectivity with the appropriate backups in place is well capable of and has the tendency to transcribe directly into your EMR systems. The confidentiality of the data will be maintained at all steps of the workflow.

HIPAA Compliance

We are a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant organization and operating within AAMT guidelines. Besides secure transfer and receiving of data over the internet (the prime requirement of HIPAA), NextGBC addresses the security and confidentiality aspects by using a variety of foolproof mechanisms.

Physical Security:

-> 24 / 7 onsite security and access management.
-> Electronic keypad access at all entry and exit points.
-> Fire suppression systems.
-> Multiple (redundant) fiber trunks for internet traffic, and inbound and outbound telephony.
-> UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems.
-> Onsite 80 KVA generator for power backup.

Contractual Agreement:

-> We sign a written contract with all our customers that is renewed on a yearly basis.
-> The contract very specifically includes that no work performed by us will be disclosed to any third parties.
-> The contract also includes that we during the term of the contract either directly or indirectly shall not approach or solicit any of the customers without the prior written consent of the customers.

Workstation Security:

-> All employees are required to sign a "Statement of Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality" at the time of their joining.
-> All workstations are restricted to download or upload any file from or to the internet.
-> Data downloading and uploading procedure is specially carried out by authorized personnel of the Data Management Department.
-> All devices used for data transfer purposes such as CD/DVD writers, floppy disk drives and USB ports are permanently disabled on all workstations of the Operations Department to avoid any data transfer procedure.
-> Transcribers are not authorized to take prints of any patient reports. Printing devices such as local printers, plotters and LAN printers are disabled.
-> NextGBC further ensures data security by ensuring that data doesn’t leave its premises physically. All the transcription is done in NextGBC’s premises and the premises is secured through appropriate security measures.

Data Security:

-> NextGBC has a network of latest branded machines using Microsoft’s licensed operating systems, applications and firewall for security of the network and data.
-> NextGBC has a network of Windows 7 using Microsoft Windows 2008 Network and LINUX-based Firewall for security of the network and data.
-> Confidentiality of patient information is of paramount importance to NextGBC. It includes peer reviews, quality improvement and risk management protocols with special effort to maintain data security in electronic communications.
-> We employ FTP secure solution in transferring personal health information using a professional version FTP client, which ensures that data remains secure and confidential. All reports are delivered to the client through promptly secured FTP/internet, which safeguards against unauthorized access.
-> We use an ICSA certified firewall and filter on incoming ports allowing only FTP and management ports for administrative access into our system.
NextGBC ensures security by incorporating security measures like 128-bit data encryption, multi-tiered application architecture, design level security, safeguards, firewall protected networks, highly secured E-mail servers, denial of access procedure and multimodal alerts.

Data Storage:

-> All transcription files are stored at NextGBC in a secure server room on a dedicated server machine.
-> Back-up files are only stored for the duration agreed with the customer to eliminate accidental access.


NextGBC offers a flexible and affordable pricing range depending upon the volume of work and the specific turnaround time desired.

We are flexible to various pricing modalities generally involved with Medical Transcription. These include but are not limited to character count (65 characters with spaces equal one line), gross line count per document, per document charge, per minute of dictation charge, etc.

Quality Assurance

All our transcriptionists are split into specialist teams, each team covering a particular medical specialty.

Each doctor, depending on their area of specialization, is then allocated to an individual transcriptionist. This ensures quality through familiarization on a regular basis. It allows them to get used to the specific environment and requirements including dictation habits, work types, templates and practitioner habits. The latest tools and reference materials are maintained on each transcriptionist's workstation.

In addition, we have maintained an in-house quality assurance mechanism whereby our Quality Control Analysts check files transcribed by each transcriptionist. This is followed by a final layer of checking by the Account Supervisors providing spot checks and proofreading before finally submitting the document to the customer. In addition, our Quality Control Analysts maintain an accuracy graph sheet in accordance with the HPI Sum Program on a daily basis for all transcriptionists.

This phenomenon enables us to maintain our quality standards on a persistent basis and in light of the above, we feel proud in declaring that "Our accuracy profile is as dictated by the dictator".


Formats and Specialties:
We specialize in all areas of medicine and dictation types.


-> Chart Notes
-> Consultation Notes
-> Emergency Department Notes
-> History and Physical Examination Notes
-> Operative Notes
-> SOAP Notes
-> Radiology Reports, etc.


-> Allergy & Immunology
-> Cardiology
-> Dermatology
-> ENT
-> Gastroenterology
-> General Surgery
-> Internal Medicine
-> Neurology
-> Neurosurgery
-> OB / GYN
-> Ophthalmology
-> Orthopedics
-> Pediatrics
-> Plastic Surgery
-> Psychiatry
-> Podiatry
-> Urology
-> Vascular Surgery, etc.

In addition, NextGBC’s team is well equipped and accustomed to providing transcriptions services for all different voice types including .wav, .dss, .wmv, .mp3, .vox, etc.

Technical Support

NextGBC’s Data Management Department (DMD) is operational on a 24/7/365 basis and staff members can easily be contacted through E-mails, land lines (voice & facsimile), cellular phones, Instant Messangers, Google Talk and Skype.

The Medical Transcription (MT) Operations Department works from Monday to Friday split between two working shifts. The first shift commences from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM local time and the second shift from 2:00 PM to 10:30 PM local time.

The working shifts for our Operations Department have been designed to cater the variable turnaround time requirements of our customers.

Training Program

Medical transcription requires a practical knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, disease processes and the internal organization of medical reports. In addition, the MT should posses above average listening and English comprehension skills, as well as proficiency in the use of personal computers and MT specific software.

NextGBC conducts a periodic training program that is a two-month basic training. We follow, in addition to other educational tools, the internationally accepted and very comprehensive American Health Professions Institute (HPI) System Systems Unit Method or SUM Program. The course covers medical terminology, medical documentation, medico-legal concepts, pharmacology, laboratory procedures, diagnostic modalities, surgical procedures, etc. Moreover, our students spend a considerable time in improving their PC usage skills as well as listening to actual dictation from doctors.

Following training, we offer internship to the individuals ranging from two to six months depending upon their learning potential, which is followed by employment at NextGBC.

NextGBC’s MT training program is somewhat different from those being offered by other MT training institutes. We train MTs intensively so that they can be absorbed internally for our own projects.

Turnaround Time (TAT)

The average turnaround time NextGBC offers its customers currently is 24 hours from the time of dictation upload to turning in of the transcribed report.

NextGBC’s workflow is designed to incorporate time zone differences between different regions of the world it serves. Based on this, we have a flexible TAT (turnaround time) offering ranging from 6 hours to 72 hours depending upon the requirements of the customers and the volume of work in terms of dictation minutes.


You can make Toll-free dictations. You can also use hand-held recorders or PDAs in the dictation process. Our medical transcription services give importance to clients' convenience and satisfaction.


You can avail our 24 / 7 medical transcription services anywhere, any time. The only thing you have to do is to just log on to our web interface. Through our easy work flow method, you can send the dictations to make it detailed patient documents.

Mission & Vision

To help and facilitate patient care by providing the best quality medical transcription, billing and coding services at the most reasonable price within the best turn-around time available.

The core purpose of our organization is to deliver superior, efficient and quality customer-focused outsourcing services to healthcare providers with no geographical limitations, striving to serve the healthcare industry globally and aiming at facilitating patient care.